Complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen

The complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen is about 8 by 9 feet which is spacious enough and is one of the most attractive features of the Gables Apartments. The dining and kitchen areas are lavishly designed and embedded with hardwood closets, granite countertops and stainless appliances.

With additional equipment amenities like a gas range, a 4-stove burner with oven, a large refrigerator, a wide area for slicing vegetables and preparing food, and all cooking tools and utensils, the complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen can accommodate all types of gourmet foods and menus.

With a larger dining area just adjacent to the kitchen, you have a larger space to move around to cook just about anything from pastries to pizzas and vegetable salads. The complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen has designed the kitchen with its equipment, cutting and washing areas in such a way that everything you do at the kitchen becomes convenient.

At the complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen, plates, pantries, knives, cutleries, glasses and cups are available in select units, found inside the wood kitchen cabinets on the upper and lower wall of the kitchen. The fine-looking cutting boards are there inside one of those cabinets.

If you have stocked all your foods, recipes and ingredients inside the refrigerator and cabinet stocking areas, you'll love the complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen, and if you're a cooking aficionado, you will be ready for the next cooking bout.

You also get a wine rack and sauce rack. The complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen is pretty cool and easy to handle. You've got plenty of cabinet spaces too. Since the kitchen and dining room are contiguous, you get more moving and breathing space and you wouldn't feel enclosed inside the cooking area. You can serve all your cooked meals at the dining table which is a few feet away. Lighting is excellent inside the kitchen.

One of the main features of your stay at the Gables apartment is your privilege to have access to great amenities that would make your life easier and enjoyable while staying at the community apartment. It's a highly convenient way of experiencing gables-apartment Premier customer service.

The complete Gables Apartment Gourmet Style Kitchen expresses an ambience of naturalness in modern urban living as expressed in the rich combinations of colors and forms of furniture and fixtures, combined with a magnificent presentation of space that enhances living through a practical but creative architectural design.

Gables is an Award Winner for Superior Resident Ratings in the 2015 Satisfacts Resident Satisfaction rating system. Residents and guests have given a high approval rating to the services provided by Gables. You can visit site :

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